Jagdfarm Mecklenburg Namibia

Mecklenburg Hunting Ranch




The game is normally tracked down in open all-terrain vehicles and then stalked on foot. Shooting is normally from a tripod at an average distance of approx. 120 m.

There are well located hides at around 10 dams and watering holes which give additional hunting opportunities.

While we prefer you to bring your own familiar weapon, we strongly recommend a minimum caliber of 30.06. , Rifles with the caliber 7 mm Remington Mag. 8 x 60s are available at the farm.

The hunting farm is situated 1750 meters above sea level on a plateau. The hunting area is a spectacularly scenic area and the terrain ranges from grassy valleys to rolling rocky hills and ridges.

The hilly landscape provides excellent and exciting hunting opportunities in Namibia, as well as ample cover for the many species of wildlife. Mecklenburg is ideally located for Kudu, and is in the original home area for Hartebeest as well as Oryx antelope. This is where the hunt takes place.

Wildlife at Jagdfarm Mecklenburg

PRICE 2024 in €

The hunting season extends from 1.February until 30.November.
Prices are inclusive of 15% VAT
  • 1 Hunter / 1 Hunting guide €290
  • 2 Hunters / 1 Hunting guide, each €240
  • Accompanying person / Rest day €140
  • Children 7-12 years €60
  • Rifle hire p.day, incl rounds €50
  • Cape €50
  • Fullmount €80

Daily Hunting Rates include:

Daily Hunting Rates don't include:

Please note:

Arrival- and departure day, with no hunting, will be charged each as rest day. The total amount deducting deposit has to be paid in cash on site. There are no credit card facilities.

A non-refundable deposit of 500€ per hunter, is payable when booking.

Our clients are advised to take out a cancellation and personal accident insurance.

We wish to inform our clients that we cannot be held responsible /liable for any loss, damage, accidents, or injuries which may occur during their stay at Mecklenburg Hunting Farm.

Hunting rates

  • Blue Wildebeest €1000
  • Black Wildebeest €1500
  • Greater Kudu €1600
  • Eland €1700
  • Waterbuck €2000
  • Hartebeest €600
  • Oryx €600
  • Springbuck €600
  • Steenbok €450
  • Impala €600
  • Warthog €600
  • Duiker €450
  • Zebra, Burchell €800
  • Zebra, Hartmann €800
  • Cheetah €2000
  • Leopard (more info) on request
  • Caracal €500
  • Brown Hyena €2000
  • Jackal €50
  • Baboon €100
  • Lechwe Antelope On request
  • Roan Antelope On request
  • Nyala On request
  • Sable Antelope On request
  • Giraffe €1500

Please note:

Kudu-, Eland- and Waterbuck hunt minimum 7 hunting days.

Non-Trophy not for export – Non-trophies i.e. weak, female, or young animals – on request.

Wounded and lost games will be charged as per the price list.

A special permit is required to hunt Leopards, Cheetahs, or Brown Hyenas. For this permit, we need a copy of your valid passport. Please get in touch with us early enough to apply for these permits.


Leopard Hunt Package